BevGro Draft Systems (BGDS) is owned by BevGro LLC and operates out of Sacramento, CA.  We specialize in custom draft systems and line cleaning services in the West Coast market. We provide self-contained N2 generators, bulk vessels ranging from 300lbs-1,000 liters, heat exchange (HEX) units, and gas blenders with as many as five possible beer blends.

Why Go Self-Contained?

Utilizing self contained units has many benefits. 

  • SAFETY​: No longer will employees have to move heavy cylinders, deal with safety chains, or  face possible safety violations.
  • It eliminates the chance of any "down time" on your system. One hour of down time is worth $1,500 in sales on the average Friday night.
  •  Zero chance of additional contaminants or byproducts from whatever is (or was) previously in that cylinder.
  • Free up floor space.  Our units are wall mounted and can be placed in areas best suited for our customers' individual needs. 

For your Gas Needs:

BevGro will complete the installation of your company's custom blended gas system.  With your new N2 generator and blender, your end result will be a 30-35% reduction in your overall Co2 usage.  With the correct blend on American and European craft beers, we have been able to produce an extra 10-15 pints per 15.5 gallons of beer.  Each pint saved from the gray bucket is one more that can be sold. 

For your Draft Needs:

​BevGro can install and maintain your draft system.  Any service that you may need we can accommodate.

  • New or retrofit systems
  • Maintenance
  • System Consultation
  • Line Cleaning offered bi-monthly as directed by the American Brewers Association.


With one of our self-contained N2 generators, BevGro can set up all of the production vessels in your facility on a Nitrogen purge.  Using direct N2 allows you to save on CO2 expenses by utilizing equipment that makes an endless supply of brewery grade N2. Our equipment produces Nitrogen that is 99.7% pure which exceeds the Brewers Association decree.

Bulk Vessel Setup and System Design:

  • BevGro can run all CO2 lines as well as product fill and send lines.
  • We can customize keg organization racks for your coolers to meet any requested specifications.  All racks are aluminum construction.
  • Heat Exchange (HEX) units for 750 lb.  vessels or larger.
  • Custom built cages for outside bulk tank installations.​​


A little bit about us...​