King Cong Brewing Co.

Sacramento, CA

Hotel Sutter

The Hotel Sutter is a beautiful and historic location that was built in 1858. There are two bars on site with a split system; one bar with ten taps upstairs and one with ten taps  downstairs at the recently renovated Copper Room. All of the gas regulators were on the wrong gas blend following the initial installation ten years ago. Over a 20 month period, significant work was completed on their system. Deep cleaning and maintenance of the beer cooler, new beer splitters with A/B switches, both beer towers replaced with custom made units to perfectly match the stainless steel foundations and aesthetics, all F.O.B.'s were replaced, custom tap handles were designed and installed.

It is worth noting that the beer purchase costs prior to the rebuild averaged $2,000 a month. After the rebuild, monthly beer costs for the client have now dropped to $800 a month!!!